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s5 logoWe, Ivy and Leila, started this blog when we started to realize that some of our clients didn't really understand the ins and outs of the massage experience. On top of all the misinformation spread by the media and well-meaning activists, our own dates were responsible for furthering those myths too! We realized that the only way to get the truth out there was to start talking (or blogging in this case), sharing good information from two reliable sources.

It's our mission to explain both the good and bad sides to the industry on our end for a fair and balanced view of our world. No industry is perfect, and we don't want to cover up the struggles and frustrations of working as massage providers. However, we do want to show that bodyworkers and strippers are intelligent independent business owners who deserve more respect than they usually get. It's our hope that this blog show us all as people like everyone else, not damaged goods or brainwashed victims.


What You'll Find Here

This blog will explore the wide and wild world of bodywork in Las Vegas, which includes stripping, escorting, professional companionship, all kinds of massage, and other services. We plan to cover both our side of the business and provide helpful information for customers and clients too. Visit regularly for crazy content like

    • Personal stories from our combined decade of experience in the industry, both in Vegas and other major cities
    • Our take on the latest news stories regarding escorting, stripping, and massage
    • Explanations of how things work for girls offering bodywork, from money management to dealing with judgmental family members
    • Exposure of club rules and client tricks that make it hard to make a living
    • Myth busting posts outlining the truth vs the public conception
    • Tips and tutorials for ladies interested in becoming a stripper or escort
    • Sexy and serious photos from our Las Vegas adventures
    • Hints and tips for communicating with your service provider, both in the hotel room and at the club
    • Recommendations of our favorite Vegas hot spots to hit up, when we're working and while we're off the clock
    • Relationship advice for people who want to date professionals, personal rants about silly problems, and whatever else we can come up with.


What You Won't Find Here

Of course, we also want to stay focused on the right topics by avoiding a few sticky subjects. You'll need to find another source for information like

    • Discussions of complex legal issues, since neither of us are practicing lawyers
    • Reviews of specific strip clubs or businesses from a worker's point of view
    • Arguments or complaints about specific individuals
    • Information on how you can hire us or our personal contact information - sorry!


Reasons to Read

We're hoping to attract a wide audience for our humble little blog here. First, we want to publish our stories from working in the industry so our fellow Vegas massage girls know they're not alone in dealing with both great and eccentric clients. Aside from discussing important concerns with other hard workers, we want to bring in the customers too. We might post some erotic photos to lure you in, but hopefully you'll stay and learn a little so we get more great customers and fewer difficult experiences. You'll benefit too by getting the massage or lap dance of your dreams as well. Finally, we want anyone who's interested to stop by too to learn the truth about strippers and other sexy specialists. It's not all glitter and cash, and the myths surrounding us make it hard to convince politicians, the general public, and activists alike that we can make our own decisions.

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Who Are Ivy & Leila?

Ivy and Leila met each other a few years ago at a bar during an adult industry night, and they didn't really know each other until a mutual friend started complaining about the lack of good information online about getting started as a stripper. They first starting chatting about the idea of writing an eBook on getting into the world of bodywork. However, a few strange personal experiences convinced them to expand their focus to include the entire world of sexy fun in Las Vegas. Co-authoring was the perfect way to add different points of view to each topic while reducing the work for each contributor. Of course, there may be a few guest posts from friends as the blog grows to add even more voices to the mix.