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You wouldn't buy a car or visit a resort without checking out some reviews, so it makes sense to try the same tactic when finding a Vegas escort. However, this easily backfires if you can't sort the meaningful and useful reviews from the useless ones. There are three major reasons that some escort reviews are not so reliable, and learning to spot signs of these three problems is the best way to put those review sites to good use.

Paid Removals

First, find out if the review site you're reading allows escorts to pay to remove negative reviews. While this does help a Vegas escort take down fake reviews posted in retaliation by a customer that was turned away due to bad behavior, it also allows for honest warnings to get erased. It's also manipulative of the escorts who feel pressured into paying high fees to manage their public reputation. Stick to sites that only allow editing and removal of reviews when personal information is posted, compromising the safety of the reviewer or the service professional.

False Reviews

Fake reviews come in all sorts of types. Don't get tripped up by:

  • Reports full of personal insults and anger, which indicates a customer who tried to push the escort's boundaries
  • Overly positive and robotic sounding write-ups, which you can usually find spread across the site to boost the ratings of numerous ladies
  • Inaccurate reviews posted by the competition, which take a completely negative tone and use terminology more commonly found in escort ads than hobbyist reviews
  • Blackmail attempts, in which the reviewer tries to get free services in exchange for taking down a negative note or leaving a positive review.
  • Check out the work of the reviewer if you're not sure if a real person is behind the information. A posting history of a single review, or a long list of endless nearly identical posts, both indicate a troll account designed to hassle the escort instead of helping you make a choice.

Unrealistic Expectations

Finally, some reviewers are simply never happy with any escort and rarely rate anyone above 3 stars. Always take the general expectations and intelligence of the writer into consideration when deciding whether to take an escort review seriously or not. A badly spelled rant about an otherwise highly ranked provider is likely just a random outlier. Even if a complaint is valid, it may not apply to your time with the escort if you're not looking for the same kind of service.

Of course, a little searching will still reveal some useful reviews for the most popular escorts. Don't assume that a lady with no posted reviews isn't worth your time -- the erotic review world hasn't spread to every city yet, never mind small towns. Some of the finest escorts, strippers, and massage providers in Las Vegas haven't built up an online reputation despite working for years in the city. If you're not sure where to even start with finding a reliable escort that can meet your needs, stick with an agency or a screening service. These companies specialize in connecting you with any type of provider you like, and they're quick to drop members for unprofessional behavior. You'll have someone to complain to, aside from leaving a review online, if your date doesn't go according to plan.

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