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Strippers PuppiesSince both of us have put in our fair share of hours at the strip clubs, we've seen it all. But our stories about weird and entertaining clients never fail to draw attention, whether we're at parties or hanging out with friends that know what we do for a living. You can't work as a dancer without meeting at least one guy who wants to cover your body in peanut butter or call you by his mother's name. We hope you enjoy this first installment of weird customer stories and keep coming back for more.

Ivy's $1000 Stand Up Comedy Routine

This story is one of the best ones I have in my repertoire because no one believes it until I show them the photo I took with the customer. It was my third year of dancing, right when I thought I had dealt with it all after those years in Las Vegas. A young man came in to the club and spent a few hours just chatting with the girls and paying for the privilege. I tended to shy away from guys like that because I never felt comfortable taking up their time without even giving them a lap dance. Once he had chatted with every dancer on shift except for me, he beckoned me over too. I tried to slip away, but ended up heading over. We talked for a while, and of course I thought he was joking when he told me he was just looking for someone to tell him jokes and cheer him up after a bad day. I put my sparkling wit to the test and we spent the rest of the night just sitting there and laughing. When he ordered his last drink for the night, he slipped $1000 into my hands! I had to get a photo with him or I knew no one would believe that I earned a grand just for my jokes.

Leila and the Puppies

My first week as a stripper was a weird one from start to finish, but the last day of that week was definitely the strangest. I came in late and found out someone had already requested to see me in the VIP booth. I was confused because I hadn't worked enough shifts yet to really earn any kind of reputation. When I ended the lounge, I found a man wearing an oversize trench coat. I started the lap dance but kept stopping because the man felt he was moving around every time I brushed against him. I finally called security because I suspected he was doing something gross under the coat. It turned out he had two puppies tucked into his jacket pockets. The guards took the puppies, called the cops, and one of my fellow strippers adopted the two dogs and still has them today.

Ivy Meets The Preaching Pastor

I grew up going to church every Sunday, so I try not to dance for pastors and other holy types when they come in because it makes me wonder about the religious leader that shaped my childhood. However, one day I couldn't avoid a flashy religious high roller because he requested me by name. I was doing my best to focus on something else as I gave him a lap dance, but he started shouting in his best sermon voice. I almost fell over in shock as he went off, preaching to the club about sin as I wiggled and jiggled everything I had in front of him.



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Who Are Ivy & Leila?

Ivy and Leila met each other a few years ago at a bar during an adult industry night, and they didn't really know each other until a mutual friend started complaining about the lack of good information online about getting started as a stripper. They first starting chatting about the idea of writing an eBook on getting into the world of bodywork. However, a few strange personal experiences convinced them to expand their focus to include the entire world of sexy fun in Las Vegas. Co-authoring was the perfect way to add different points of view to each topic while reducing the work for each contributor. Of course, there may be a few guest posts from friends as the blog grows to add even more voices to the mix.