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It's true -- every Las Vegas escort's sex life is different, just like the rest of humanity. However, this doesn't stop clients and outsiders alike from assuming that all escorts are sex addicted, low in standards, or any of the other common myths. While we all enjoy different things, there are five facts that apply to the industry as a whole, and these facts usually surprise clients.

1. Some Escorts Are Asexual

It's an old idea, created during the era in which cheap publishing allowed for the publication of tawdy novels about "wild women", that all escorts are nymphomaniacs or sex addicts. This is like assuming that everyone who works in the restaurant industry is an uncontrollable glutton -- like all jobs, it's more about money than compulsions. Thus, some clients are very surprised to find out one of their sexy escorts is actually asexual and has no sexual activity outside of her job. It's not usually due to the work either, but rather a decision many escorts make before they ever enter the world of sex work.

2. Many Escorts Do Get Aroused With Clients

Escorts are being paid to cater to your wishes, so it's natural to assume every moan and sigh is just a performance. However, many escorts find their time with clients just as stimulating as a relationship they'd pursue outside of work. Of course, it's impossible to tell on your own if the feeling is genuine or performance, and no good escort would let you know that she's just putting on a show if you asked outright.

3. You Won't Get A Discount For Being Good

A lot of men assume that escorts are mostly used to working with clients who couldn't get attention any other way. If they're lucky in love but just want a companion for the weekend, this leads to the assumption that being good in bed or particularly handsome should earn them a discount. Even if your escort thinks you're the sexiest man she's ever seen, her rate's going to stay the same because this is a job for her.

4. Bigger And Longer Isn't Better

Along with the assumptions about being handsome or skilled, many men also think that being particularly well-endowed or able to last a long time will impress their escort as well. In fact, we've seen blog posts about men claiming to make escorts fall in love with them due to these facts! In truth, most escorts find it harder to perform their duties with these kinds of clients and may even refuse to set up dates with them.

5. Experience Makes Sex Better

Finally, there's the old chestnut that escorts get tired of intimacy because it's part of their job. While a particularly challenging day may make a girl take a break from sex for a while, in the long run, all that action usually gives her a better appreciation for good sex.

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