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Vegas strippersWhile working as one of the Las Vegas escorts is not quite as dangerous as many people will tell you, it's not without its risks. Anyone can get mugged or attacked while strolling the strip, but women working in sexual professions experience two to three times as much crime as the average woman living in this city. Take care of yourself without becoming overwhelmed by fear with these five useful tips.

It's Too Good To Be True

Aside from random assault or attempted mugging, most strippers end up in bad situations when they failed to follow their gut instinct that an offer was too good to be true. Too many sad stories end with a statement like "I knew no one would pay $1000 just for a back rub!" If your client is making an offer no one in their right mind would make, it's likely a set up for a crime.

Cover Your Details

Don't just keep your driver's license away from prying eyes, have it changed so that the info on it doesn't compromise your identity. Rent a PO box and use it as your address by asking for a change at the DMV. You can also try the address of a friend or family member if they don't mind saying you live there with them and receiving a few pieces of your mail as proof.

Make Friends With Security

Bouncers are the best friends of Las Vegas strippers when they head out after work and find a persistent admirer waiting by their car. Independent workers can still benefit by making friends with the security team at the hotels they visit for work. Spending a few minutes chatting with the person at the front desk pays off when they respond immediately to a call for help if something goes wrong.

Use A Buddy System

Never work alone. Outside of the best strip clubs Las Vegas offers, most professionals go it alone because they want to be independent and self-sufficient. However, having someone who knows where you are during work could save your life and the lives of others.

Plan An Escape

Finally, always arrive early and know where the emergency exits are located in any building. Even when you're just meeting a client for drinks, knowing where to go to get away from them is worth a few minutes of looking around and learning your surroundings for a quick getaway.



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Ivy and Leila met each other a few years ago at a bar during an adult industry night, and they didn't really know each other until a mutual friend started complaining about the lack of good information online about getting started as a stripper. They first starting chatting about the idea of writing an eBook on getting into the world of bodywork. However, a few strange personal experiences convinced them to expand their focus to include the entire world of sexy fun in Las Vegas. Co-authoring was the perfect way to add different points of view to each topic while reducing the work for each contributor. Of course, there may be a few guest posts from friends as the blog grows to add even more voices to the mix.