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Hiring one of the many escorts in Las Vegas used to mean planned a hurried date that took place in the back seat of your car, but now it's safer and easier just to plan your evening around a private hotel room. However, some people still want the thrill that comes with getting down and dirty in a place where anyone could wander by and get a glimpse of what's going on. If you're going to Vegas in search of the excitement that only exhibitionism can bring you, try these tricks for being seen without going to jail.

Rent the Right Hotel Room

First, use the plausible deniability route and find a hotel room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the strip. With the correct lighting and some acrobatic moves on your escort's behalf, you can create your own show without being too obvious or noticeable. If someone does make a complaint to the hotel, you can always ask for forgiveness and claim you didn't know everyone could see what you and your partner were doing. This is such a popular option that exhibitionists even trade tips online about which Vegas hotels offer the best rooms for it.

Visit a Sex Club

Don't forget about letting others watch who are interested in a free show. By heading to a club for swingers or exhibitionists, you can give some voyeurs a complementing thrill while getting the attention you want too. While Vegas isn't home to very many permanent and daily clubs, there are plenty of dungeons and clubs with rotating event schedules. There are two clubs still operating that are worth a visit during your trip. Start at the Red Rooster, one of the longest running private sex clubs in Las Vegas. The large scale swinger's parties are a great place for either showing off or finding partners to show off with. Don't forget about the Green Door either. Named after the classic porn film that kicked off an entire industry, it's a full service dungeon and sex club, complete with private and public rooms, an octagon shaped hot tub, and bars next door for warming up. Both couples and singles are welcome at both clubs, so you can either drop in with an escort you've already hired or head to one of these hot spots for finding someone. Join an online group for sexual event planning in Sin City to get the full schedule of public and private events. You're sure to find at least one evening of pleasure that lines up with the rest of your vacation schedule.

Join a BDSM Group

Making friends in the kink community also widens your audience for showing off. Most dungeons that host events that are open to the public love to have more people coming and watching, and you can usually join in to make a scene of your own if you bring along a partner. If you prefer a more private form of exhibitionism with only a few viewers, you can connect with that like minded audience at one of these gatherings. Just be sure to check the exact rules on where to do what, since most events are separated into non-sexual and sexual areas to keep all the attendees comfortable with what they're witnessing. You don't want to distract everyone from the main event or you'll end up kicked out of the club.

Get Tickets For A Wild Festival

Don't forget about one of the many electronic dance music festivals held in and around Las Vegas throughout the year. The hot and frantic atmosphere leads to all sorts of experimentation between attendees, including some pretty raunchy action out in the open. The Electric Daisy Carnival is particularly famous for public sex displays, making it a must-have destination for the exhibitionist traveler. Again, you can either bring along a sexy date or try to find potential partners after arriving on the scene. If you bring along at least one experienced escort, you'll likely find it a lot easier to expand your twosome into a three, four, or more-some.

Broadcast Yourself Online

Finally, consider using the Internet to get thousands of people viewing what you and your favorite escort are doing together. Even though you're in private, a webcam or video camera connects you to eager watchers from around the world. Recent advancements in online streaming sites allow you to set up an instant feed for free without any technical knowledge. Who knows, you might find the experience so exciting that you start making a habit of it and develop a serious following!

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