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Personal branding has been a big trend over the last few years. While it's convinced some people that they can charge $1500 for a few emails about a subject they only have a little experience with, it's a useful fad for people who work one on one with their clients. And who works more closely with customers than a Las Vegas escort? Creating and strengthening your personal brand as an escort in Vegas is easy, draws in new customers faster than any other form of advertising, and increases customer satisfaction to keep them coming back for more.

Pick A Niche

Start by determining where you want to fit in the world of escorting. Marketing yourself as a "jack of all trades" only causes you to fade into the background. Do you specialize in deep tissue massage? Can you speak three languages fluently? Are you a party girl who can stay up until dawn after a night at the hottest clubs in the city? Find a niche and keep it fairly small. Don't be tempted to think that luxurious or high-end is a valid niche -- even the youngest party girl can still come off as a luxury provider. Unless you have access to the most expensive hotels and show up dripping in diamonds, find at least one other niche subject to focus on.

Develop A Concrete Persona

Once you know that you're going to set yourself up as an exotic girl with a taste for adventure, you need to build your persona around the niche. Every experienced escort knows about making a persona, but many stop at just picking a name and a few details for a backstory. Your persona needs to be as fleshed out and realistic as your non-work personality because it really shines when you base your marketing around a believable character. Make sure your name, background story, and even how you laugh and your body language supports your persona. Browse through a few blogs on personal branding to find out how to get those personality details to shine through your marketing materials once you've decided on them.

Focus On Consistency

Every single ad or website listing you put up needs to feature the same personal branding markers. Write fresh content for each page to get better rankings in the search engines, but use your favorite phrases and words across all the material. This links your profiles together and creates consistency. Most men looking for Las Vegas escorts search for a while even after picking a girl, so they're likely to find more than one of your ads. Using trashy language on one and high-end descriptions on the other may seem like it would cast a wider net for different customers, but instead it just backfires because it undermines your personal brand.

Establish Your Brand Partners

You've got a persona, a niche, and a consistent message across your materials. Now you need to decide how your advertising methods reflect on that brand. Most girls add listings to as many escort websites as they can find, but this doesn't necessarily result in more business. Picking only well-known listing sites allows you to focus your efforts instead of getting too spread out. You should update and change your written content every few months, so trying to remember dozens of different listings to change becomes impossible. Consider how the website supports or undermines the message of your personal brand. If you're not a newcomer, don't use those fly-by-night websites that pop up and disappear within a few weeks.

Pay For Polishing

Finally, don't skimp on paying for content writing, professional photography, web design, and other services once your brand is growing. You can handle the basics on your own, but it's much easier to grow your brand consistently with the help of experienced marketers.

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