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You spend every Friday night at your favorite club, taking in the sights and chatting with both the new and routine dancers. For most men, it's easier to find one nice club and stick with it rather than rolling the dice by visiting a different place each night. However, sometimes it pays off to mix things up and see what else is out there. If you're experiencing any of these things at your favorite club, try taking at least a temporary break and making a new place your regular spot.

You're Spending Too Much

Are you having a hard time paying your bills or going into debt? Either you need to cool off on the strip club visits or at least switch clubs to get more thrills while spending less. Switching to a whole new set of girls can help you feel more fulfilled with just a few lap dances instead of paying to stay all night in the VIP room with that one special girl at your regular club.

You're Spending Practically Nothing

On the flip side, spending $10 or so per visit means you're not having much fun anymore either. Unless you're getting free dances and comped drinks because you've somehow hit the jackpot, you should be spending at least $50 or more. Spending too little usually indicates you're not that interested in what's available at that particular club.

The Girls All Know Your Name

It's perfectly fine to become such a regular that the girls know you by name. But when everyone knows your entire life story, and there's not a single girl who doesn't know you, either you're visiting way too much or the club's environment is stale. Las Vegas strip clubs are a lot more fun when there's a steady rotation of fresh talent.

There's A Rift In The Business

Do the strippers give you one price for a lap dance, then you get a demand for extra money from the floor manager because the price was wrong? Is the VIP room rate changing every visit without the girls being aware of the latest price hikes? All these signals indicate that there's a big rift between the talent and management in the club. This leads to bigger problems like the best dancers getting driven away, weird business deals that ruin the atmosphere of the club, and sudden increases in the number of dancers despite the lack of demand for more girls.

No One's Having A Good Time

Don't let the haze of familiarity, sex appeal, and alcohol disguise the true mood of your favorite Las Vegas club. If the girls are all unhappy, the bartenders can't strike up a conversation, and even the other customers seem mopey or angry, it's definitely time to move on. The high turnover rate of both dancers and management in the stripping industry means clubs switch hands and go through transformations every year or few years. Find a more cheerful place to enjoy for now and check in occasionally to see if the situation improves further down the road.

Your Favorites Are All Gone

Finally, consider making a fresh break when every one of the Vegas strippers you love has left for more profitable opportunities. While sometimes this happens for legitimate reasons, most of the time it's a sign that the management is mistreating the talent or the club is starting to go downhill. If possible, find out where your dancers have relocated so you can reconnect with them while making a bunch of new sexy friends. Even if you have to start from scratch and build a brand new list of favorites, it's better than waiting around and hoping that the same girls return.

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