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No, gentlemen, bringing in a bunch of cash doesn't give you the right to act however you want in the club. This is a problem for dancers everywhere, but it's especially frustrating in the Las Vegas strip club. With so much competition between the dancers and high tensions coming from the management team, a customer that acts badly just puts the final nail in a stripper's coffin when it comes to stress. If you want the very best lap dances and plenty of attention no matter how much you spend, try avoiding these 10 common club mistakes.

No Arguing About The Contact Policy

Some strip clubs in Sin City allow for all sorts of rubbing and grinding, while others will toss you out if they even suspect you've had contact with the dancers. Learn the policy for each club you visit, and don't ask the dancers to stretch the rules for you.

Don't Ignore The Stage

You might be here for a lap dance, but it's still considered polite to toss a few dollars towards the girls on the stage after they finish a dance. The stage show gives you a chance to sample each dancer's look and style, so it's impolite to simply sit in a corner and ignore the stage.

Watch What You Wear

You may love that giant rhinestone belt buckle, but how do you think it feels to grind against that? Consider how many sharp or rough objects are a part of your outfit before paying a scantily clad woman to rub her bare skin against your clothes.

Limit Your Drinking

Many guys think of the Las Vegas strip club as the ultimate atmosphere for getting wasted. Unfortunately, very drunk customers are usually removed because they're making a mess, acting belligerent, or becoming unresponsive. Keep your drinking under control so you can actually remember all those sexy dances you paid for the next day.

Waitresses Aren't Dancers

This is complicated and can change from club to club, but most establishments keep their wait staff and dancers separate. Even if you can pay for a waitress to give you a dance, it's better to stick to the girls currently working as strippers to avoid setting off a feud among the staff.

She Isn't Paid To Chat

You just want a conversation, but she only makes money if you keep tipping her. If you're going to pull a girl out of rotation for more than 10 or 15 minutes, keep the money going so her earnings don't plummet for the night

Skip The Credit Card

There's a reason that guys carrying wads of low denomination bills get jokes about going to the strip club. You might think it's convenient to just swipe your card instead, but you'll pay a high convenience fee to the club of up to 20%, and your strippers will get even less of their cut too.

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