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We're both strippers and not sex toy designers, but between the two of us we've got years of experience with all sorts of "martial aids". If you're trying to romance a new partner or freshen up your sex life after decades of marriage, we highly recommend any and all of the toys on this list. They also make great gifts for your favorite Las Vegas escorts and Vegas strippers.

Vibe Therapy's Pinnacle

Let's start with a classic rabbit-style vibrator that's received a major style and function upgrade. While most rabbit types claim to offer extra sensations at the tip of the external stimulator, this one actually follows through on that promise. The extra-strong motor really does make the nipple-like tip vibrate quite wildly. Of course, the insertable section is smooth, soft, and lightly ridged for even more fun.

Anything From Swan

We tried not to just recommend an entire company on this list, but Swan deserves it. They manufacture so many different types of curvy, artistic looking vibrators that we couldn't choose on your behalf which one was best. Almost all of their toys feature a seamless coating of medical grade silicone, eliminating scratchy spots and offering true waterproofing.

We Vibe 4 Plus

Want to make your partner squirm and sigh from a distance? Break into the exciting world of teledildonics with a small yet powerful vibrator that fits under clothing. That vibrator is easy to control with a smart phone app with plenty of options, eliminating the need to stay nearby like you need to when using a toy with a remote control. As long as your partner doesn't head out of cell phone service, they're at your mercy.

A Quality Glass Dildo

We didn't want to recommend any specific manufacturer with this idea because there are hundreds of artisans creating beautiful works of art that are as sensual as they are attractive. Make sure that the glass is medical grade and crafted from borosilicate. This ensures that attempts to warm up or cool off the toy won't leave your gift cracked and dangerous to use.

NJOY's Fun Wand

Tired of the same old anal beads and butt plugs? The Fun Wand offers a lot of options because it's covered in bulbs of varying sizes. The extra length of the toy also makes it a lot easier to go solo while keeping a hand on the wand.

Lelo's Ida

Everything from Lelo is high quality and unique, but the Ida stands out most of all. It's an insertable vibrator for women designed to be worn during penetrative sex. Both partners get to feel all kinds of vibrations and circular movements without the toy getting in the way.

Jimmy Jane's Hello Touch

Finally, turn your hand into a super powered sex toy with this futuristic looking set. Little vibrators on your fingers connect to a wrist cuff without a glove to get in the way. It's much more powerful than any of the similar fingertip toys currently available.

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