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Traveling To VegasEvery stripper working in a small town club with the same old clients dreams of the glamorous and fulfilling life of an exotic dancer in Sin City. While there certainly are good opportunities for earning as a Las Vegas stripper, the city isn't all it's cracked up to be either. Make the most of your time in the city by traveling the right way. You'll get the luxurious experience you're after while raking in the cash while avoiding the pitfalls that trip up most first timers.

Get Your License Early

Planning to arrive in Vegas the day before a sports event or holiday to take advantage of the crowds? Add another day or two to your trip so you can spend most of the day waiting on your documents to go through at the licensing office. You can't get a rush order on the license or dance before it's handed over, and you're going to be one of hundreds of women arriving in town to work.

Unlike other cities that issue licenses to dancers, Las Vegas also requires you to buy your own business license with a city address. Your hotel or chosen club is happy to let you use their address, or you can pay a service to receive the paperwork for you.

Bring Double Documents

In order to get licensed to work as a Las Vegas stripper, you'll need

  • Your driver's license or state ID
  • A copy of your birth certificate if you're not 25 yet
  • Your Social Security card or a federal tax return showing your SSN

Bring backup identification in separate pieces of luggage. If you lose your carry on, you can still get to work without having to pay a friend from home to overnight the originals.

Budget Your Trip

Don't make the rookie mistake of assuming you'll earn thousands in your first night. Set aside the money for the entire trip before booking your flight or hotel room. Nothing is worse than wandering the Strip because you bombed on stage and can't afford a place to stay or a ticket home.

Read Real Reviews

You don't go to a restaurant without checking Yelp, so don't pick your clubs without reading reviews from other dancers. It's the fastest way to find out if you'll love the place or want to leave after your first night. You can also find the perfect fit if you're a specialist who needs a specific crowd to maximize your earnings.

Don't Travel Alone

Wildcatting, or stripping on the road, is 100 times easier with a friend. You'll have someone to watch your back, split the cost of travel, and go out with after work. Even if you don't have any stripper friends, you can meet plenty of companions looking for help while on the road. You'll make new friends and enjoy a better travel experience at the same time.

Don't Advertise Your Status

Many girls tell every guy in the strip club that they're traveling and new to the city. This is akin to saying, "No one will notice if I go missing". Protect yourself by pretending you're a local and you just rarely work in that particular club.

Stick with Resorts

Finally, make the most of your limited time in the city by choosing a resort instead of a casino hotel. You can still gamble all you like, but you'll get a lot more enjoyment out of the spa services and pool after sweating your ass off on the pole.

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