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Burn out is not a very well-known issue, despite the fact that almost anyone working in a challenging environment will face it at least once or twice in their career. This common problem is especially likely to affect people in caring professions, such as counselors, a Las Vegas escort, or a social worker. If you're struggling to keep appointments and feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, you may need to face your burn out head on.

Signs of Burn Out

The most obvious signs of this problem in some like a Vegas stripper include:

  • Sleeping during most or all of your hours away from work
  • Avoiding friends, family members, and others
  • Becoming withdrawn and dropping your hobbies and personal habits
  • Spending money on frivolous purchases and nights out
  • Overuse of drugs or alcohol
  • Self esteem fluctuations and self destructive behaviors
  • Trouble going to work and making it through the day.

Burn out usually accompanies a mild or severe depression, but some people experience these symptoms while remaining almost the same emotionally. This issue affects everyone differently, yet the same tricks work for most people regardless of how they're experiencing burn out.

Take A Break

Take the longest break you can take while remaining financially stable. For many strippers and escorts, that's only a few hours or a single weekend. However, even one hour of actual off-time can make a huge difference to your mental health. If you can, take a trip away from Vegas and to visit friends or family somewhere else. Spending your break away from the familiar sights and sounds increases your ability to relax and rest.

Reach Out

Find someone willing to listen without judging and make a date to talk with them at least once a week or so. Whether this is a professional therapist or simply a work friend you can help in the same way, you need someone who can hear your frustrations and emotional turbulence without trying to fix the problems for you. Many escorts find that family members and partners discourage them from working after hearing less than positive stories, so finding someone who can stay neutral while listening offers a completely different experience. Support groups for sex workers are also helpful places for venting and finding support.

Set Up A Budget and Diversify

Finally, take your burn out as a sign you need to reorganize your life a little. Sticking to a budget helps you take time off regularly instead of fitting in last minute shifts to cover unexpected bills. If you're facing a big bout of fatigue with your current job, consider branching out to make money in other ways. Taking on a part time job that offers you less physical contact with customers, like a few hours a week in a call center, can stabilize your income while you're struggling to get on stage or meet with clients.




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