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Most guys think that they can only enjoy the jiggling flesh and talented moves of a skilled stripper in the middle of a busy Las Vegas strip club. In most ways they're correct in that assumption, but there is an alternative for gentlemen who don't feel comfortable showing up at the club. Have you ever seen a bachelor or birthday party scene in a movie where a stripper jumps out of a giant cake? While most private on-call strippers don't jump out of cakes unless you pay extra for the supplies, it is true that they'll come to your home or hotel room and provide dances for as many hours as you like. However, there are pros and cons to both private stripping parties and public trips to the club.

Comparing Costs

When it comes to traveling on a budget, nothing blows your money faster than a night of stripping, regardless of how and where you get it. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars per hour of private partying, which is likely comparable to the amount you'd spend in the club when you factor in drinks and tips. If you're alone, a private in-call stripper can give you the VIP room experience without the pushy champagne sales and constant reminders of the time limit. Remember that you should still tip a visiting dancer another 20%, especially if she showed up on time and gave you great service, since it's likely that half or more of her upfront fee is going to the booking company.

Considering Variety

You pick and hire a private stripper much like you would an escort, and the reliable booking agencies will send the girl you actually saw in the photo instead of trying to pull a bait and switch. But unless you hire an entire group of strippers to come entertain your private party, you'll all be stuck with just one lovely girl. That means that your best friend that prefers Asians and your cousin that would love a dance from an African American lady will have to settle for the single woman you chose. Heading to the club instead of hiring a hotel stripper allows you to sample from a wider variety of options while spending the same amount of money in the end.

Waiting Around

Finally, consider how everyone's going to stay busy while the private stripper provides a lap dance for just one guy at a time. Are you comfortable being watched by all your best friends, or are you going to go into another room and leave them sitting around and waiting for their turn? Consider how you want to keep the party environment going while getting full enjoyment out of your time with the stripper. If you're not sure about this challenge, the Las Vegas strip club provides all the music, drinks, and even food for the party. This could save you a lot of time and effort, especially when you're trying to organize a bachelor's party for a friend in an unfamiliar city. Everyone has plenty to do without waiting on anyone else when you're in a club packed with beautiful women.

Many newcomers to the stripping world choose to start with private parties because they're less demanding and over after just a couple of hours. This means you'll find more fresh-faced, but inexperienced, girls through these agencies. The most talented and attractive strippers tend to stick to the clubs since they can earn a lot more money in one hour. Try sampling a bit of both types of entertainment to figure out which style of stripping you prefer. Either way, Las Vegas has plenty of options for both clubs and party stripping services.




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Ivy and Leila met each other a few years ago at a bar during an adult industry night, and they didn't really know each other until a mutual friend started complaining about the lack of good information online about getting started as a stripper. They first starting chatting about the idea of writing an eBook on getting into the world of bodywork. However, a few strange personal experiences convinced them to expand their focus to include the entire world of sexy fun in Las Vegas. Co-authoring was the perfect way to add different points of view to each topic while reducing the work for each contributor. Of course, there may be a few guest posts from friends as the blog grows to add even more voices to the mix.