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Do you feel insecure and anxious when trying to talk about your fantasies and desires? Don't worry, most men (and women) struggle with saying "dirty" things out loud. Even if you're comfortable talking this way when using medical terminology, that kind of descriptive discussion isn't necessarily seductive. Practicing a few lines in front of the mirror can prepare you to use your silver tongue to spice up your next date with one of the lovely Las Vegas escorts.

Read Some Decent Erotica

Don't pop in a porno and try to copy their lines -- most porn lines sound terrible and cliche outside of the film set. Instead, turn to some well-written erotica to build a mental bank of ideas instead. Avoid the romance novels that think that turgid love rod is a better description than basic terminology, but look for stories that include some realistic dialogue. If you're turned on by how the characters are talking, chances are your date will be too.

Start Soft

It's overwhelming and weird to hear someone start telling how they want to plow you like a field as a conversation opener, even when you're a professional Vegas escort. Keep the conversation going normally and sprinkle in a few naughty phrases or jokes at first. If the lady responds positively, it's a clear sign to go a little farther. For example, if you and your date are discussing her love of horse back riding, a perfect quip would be something like "I bet you know a lot about riding". Save the explicit stuff for when you're in private and already all worked up.

Set The Limits

Sure, you may not want to talk about talking dirty and would prefer to just do it. However, it's all too easy to cross a line by accident and take the mood from hot to frozen in an instant. A quick conversation about words that are major turn-offs for your date is worth spilling the beans on your secret. Each woman has a completely different response to the most common words used in dirty talk, so don't assume that avoiding the dirtiest words is the only thing you need to do. Your date might respond best to words you'd never feel comfortable calling a woman without her permission.

Involve Her

Instead of just making statements about how hot she is and what you want to do to her, ask her to engage as well. Sexy questions build the connection between the two of you and eliminates the feeling that you need to talk constantly to keep up the heat. Of course, "Do you like that?" gets old the 10th time you say it in one night. Something like "What are you going to do if I stop right now?" is a lot more exciting and fairly easy to remember when you're a little distracted. Don't forget about commands and requests either, which help her feel like you're really enjoying it. Just don't get too demanding or forceful in the heat of the moment or you risk making her feel like she's just a sex toy to you.

When You're Stuck

Not sure what to say in a certain moment? Instead of trying to memorize hundreds of lines and parroting them out, learn the formula instead. Almost all successful dirty talk falls into one of three categories:

  • Saying what you want to happen
  • Saying what is happening at that moment
  • Saying what has happened in the past or recently.
  • Of course, some statements are a little different. However, moving between all three of these templates as you proceed through the evening is a great way to keep the tension building until the big event. With a little creativity, you can come up with lines that even the most experienced escorts in Las Vegas haven't heard yet.

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