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Now that you've learned a little about the basics of talking dirty, it's time to learn what happens when you go too far. Crossing the line by getting too excited about your newfound ability to use words as an aphrodisiac can shut down your sexual experience as quickly as it started. Here's a quick list of the seven most common mistakes that push a sexy conversation into feeling sleazy and gross instead.

Being Too Explicit

You want to put the right images in your partner's head, whether she's a super experienced Vegas stripper or your wife of 25 years. However, those images should still leave something to the imagination. Outlining every single detail about her naughty bits that get you excited is overkill and dampens the mood instead of raising it.

Using Clinical Terms

Your doctor may call your body parts the glans, the sarotum, the vaginal canal, or the rectum. These words aren't exactly the sexiest way to refer to the body when in the heat of the moment. Stick to more common slang terms, especially those preferred by your partner.

Ignoring Your Partner

You're asking your sexy lady if she likes what you're doing, but she's not saying yes. Instead of just pounding away, stop and use the chance to communicate openly instead. If she's trying to steer you in a different direction with her dirty talk, pick up on the signals so you both don't have to break the rhythm.

Using Too Many Insults

Some women really respond to words like bitch or cunt. However, even the biggest lovers of degradation don't necessarily want these things shouted at them continuously EVERY time you have sex. Mix up your insults with your compliments unless directed otherwise.

Explaining Too Much

You don't need to give her play by play of every tiny movement you're making or what you're going to do next. A lot ofsexiness comes from mystery and intrigue. Your dirty talking should build that intrigue, not completely deflate it by becoming a narration of the situation. Don't be afraid to let everything get quiet for a few minutes at a time. Talking too much distracts both you and your lover from focusing on the sensations of the sex.

Referencing Reproduction

Unless you're trying to get your partner pregnant or you share a specific pregnancy kink, don't call your penis a "babymaker". Most women, including the hottest strippers in Vegas, don't find the idea of getting knocked up particularly sexy. Reminding her of a potential unwanted consequence of sex does little to get her excited.

Talking About Things You Won't Do

Finally, don't start discussing fantasies and actions you're not willing to perform. For example, talking about licking her up a wall when you're too squeamish to go "downtown" is just setting her up for disappointment. If you do get carried away and make a bunch of promises, take a moment to tell her the truth after you're done.




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