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Holiday Gifts

We're happy to announce that we're going to publish a set of gift guides this year to help everyone give strippers better gifts. Since clients and customers are often eager to show their goodwill but end up making some weird purchases without guidance, we'll start with them. Stick to a gift from our guide and your favorite Las Vegas stripper is sure to appreciate the gesture!

Asking Is Best

You know it's best to ask someone what they want, but you worry that this takes all the surprise out of the gift. When it comes to strippers, guess again! Clients make a lot of promises regarding gifts on a daily basis, not just around the holidays. You can ask your favorite stripper for a gift idea and even if you get her exactly what she asks for, she won't remember that you're bringing it to her until you arrive. You'll get genuine surprise (and gratitude) for being one of a select few who actually follow through on a promise made in the heat of a lap dance. Plus, you know she won't return it because it's something she actually wanted.

Gift Cards Work Wonders

Gift cards aren't just great for your surly teenage nieces and nephews, they also help strippers treat themselves. Don't worry about the gift feeling too impersonal. Most strippers and similar performers create an entire stage persona separate from their "real" personality, so it's not always that easy to pick a meaningful gift based on that public image. A gift card to a makeup store or lingerie outlet helps your favorite working girl fill out her professional supply chest, while a paid night at a restaurant or spa lets her unwind without having to feel guilty that she's spending her hard-earned money. These cards are also easy to exchange for cash if your favorite really needs to pay her bills for the holidays instead of indulging.

Cash Is Always Welcome

Just because you hand her hundreds on a normal day doesn't mean a cash gift is out of the question of the holidays. From making it rain while she's on stage to an envelope slipped to her during a private dance, no stripper will complain about receiving cash gifts. You can always include a card or a small trinket along with the money to make it more personal. Don't worry, your gift recipient will remember your generosity and think kindly of you as she spends that cash on a brand new leather couch or uses it as the down payment on a better car.

Make sure you're following club rules when it comes to giving money to a dancer. Ask the bouncer or floor manager about cash gifts first, but don't hand over the actual money to anyone but the stripper who's supposed to receive it. Since she's earning it at work, the dancer may need to give part of it back to the club if the establishment uses a percentage system instead of a flat fee per night of work.

Useful Services Help Everyone

Finally, consider a gift certificate for services from another professional. Almost every stripper I know would break down in tears if you bought her a set of massages from a skilled pro, or even a set of coupons for visits to their favorite salon. Anything that allows her to relax for a few hours and forget about the challenges of work is sure to please. Just watch out for gifts that send an unintended second message, like a visit to a local therapist. Unless your favorite stripper has been talking about her desire to talk out her problems with someone, you could seem like you're trying to criticize her lifestyle choices.

Gift Ideas to Avoid

Skip these common and ill-matched stripper gift ideas:

  • Anything stripper themed, like teddy bears in lingerie or funny t-shirts. We've seen them all and if we wanted these items, we'd already own them.
  • Lingerie, shoes, and other dancing supplies. It's very hard to pick the right size, style, and material unless the performer is shopping with you.


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