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Looking for a few movies to keep you entertained over a long weekend? Turning to Hollywood's view of the typical Las Vegas strip club can be entertaining for sure, but unfortunately, the majority of stripping themed movies aren't that good. In fact, the three worst movies about stripping actually land on generally themed lists of the worst films all the time. Skip the first three movies on this list and find copies of the last three instead for a better time, whether you're watching alone or with friends.

1. Burlesque

It sounded good on paper, with Cher behind the scenes and Christian Aguilera front and center. However, poor writing and a lack of direction turn this cheesy musical into a complete flop. Unless you're watching it as a joke or just for the songs and dances, leave this one behind.

2. Showgirls

No list of bad movies, stripper related or otherwise, is complete without a mention of Showgirls. Downright terrible dancing, stilted and confusing dialog, and wooden performances from normally skilled actors turn this film into a big joke. It's debatable if it's even worth watching just as a joke when there's nothing better to do.

3. I Know Who Killed Me

Some of Lindsay Lohan's movies are well-worth an afternoon, but this one doesn't make the cut. She pulls a twin routine again in a truly cliche stripper story, complete with a cartoonish villain of a serial killer that you can't take seriously. On the flip side, the plodding scenes are so boring you could use it as a date night movie if you really want your date to prefer any alternative to watching the screen.

4. Afternoon Delight

If you can handle the stereotypical "saving the stripper" storyline, you'll get some laughs out of this stripping comedy. Genuinely sexy stripping scenes are mixed with the story of a suburban house wife who gets a lap dance one day as a joke and becomes obsessed with helping the dancer she meets.

5. Exotica

Looking to reminisce about the heyday of strip clubs from the 1990s without turning to Striptease or Showgirl? Pick up exotica instead, a well-written and thrilling drama that is set in a classy and realistic club. Watch Mia Kirschner writhe around in a school girl outfit in between scenes developing her character's relationship with a client, a tax auditor mourning a recent loss.

6. The Full Monty

Finally, don't forget about adding at least one movie about male stripping to your line up. Skip Magic Mike and grab the classic The Full Monty instead. This film made a big splash upon premiering for a good reason - it's actually good! Channing Tatum may have real world experience as a stripper, but the charming story of hard working everyday men who show it all off for a good cause ends up being a lot more engaging over a two hour long movie.




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