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mistakesMany men turn to Las Vegas escorts because they can't think of what to say when trying to meet women on vanilla dating websites. However, you still need to craft a coherent and polite first message when talking to professionals too. Instead of over thinking your email for making first contact and arranging a date, just keep it simple and avoid these five big mistakes.

Getting Impatient

You email a sexy lady at 1 pm, then decide to send five more messages when you haven't heard back by 2 pm. You're coming off as desperate, pushy, and impatient. Most escorts in Las Vegas don't work 24 hours a day, so you may need to even wait a few days to get a response. If you're trying to arrange a date ASAP, call an agency with a full roster of girls instead.

Sending One Word or Sentence Messages

Dropping a casual "Hi" might work for texting a friend or that girl you met last night at the bar, but it's too brief for an escort. She needs to know what you're looking for and when you want to do it from the beginning. You're not paying her to spend hours exchanging chit chat with you, so get to the point quickly so she can respond with a positive or negative response right off the bat. This saves your time too, especially if she turns you down and you need to find an alternative professional.

Being Too Explicit

On the flip side, you shouldn't write out long laundry lists of activities or fantasies in your introductory message either. Both extra long and short messages tend to get ignored by professional escorts. If you get too explicit about the things you want to do with your new friend, you'll also come off as someone trying to break the law. Being subtle and straight to the point at the same time takes some practice, but it'll give you the best chance of a quick and affirmative response.

Pushing Her Limits

The Vegas escort has written a whole list of services she won't perform, yet you're begging her to do them in your first message. No matter how nicely you ask, pushing her obvious and well-explained boundaries is rude and likely to get you ignored. This is doubly true if you resort to threatening her in order to try and get what you want. Just keep searching for someone who can fulfill your needs instead.

Including Unnecessary Photos

Finally, don't feel compelled to include pictures of your private parts. If the Vegas escort decides to meet up with you, she'll see what you have to offer in person. Most escorts ignore emails with naked photos included, and some don't even open messages with any attachments at all. She'll let you know if she wants to see your face before you meet up -- or any other part of you.




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