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Las Vegas BrothelsIn 49 states in the USA, any kind of sexual activity in exchange for money is illegal for both the person receiving the cash and the individual paying. However, Nevada chose to set itself apart from the rest of the country by making sex work legal within a tight framework of rules and regulations. This led to all sorts of misconceptions arising about this Southwestern state and the major cities within it. Before you're disappointed to find out that you can't visit a Las Vegas brothel without leaving the city, find out the details of legal sex work and the escorts that work independently of this system.

The History of the Decision

The decision to allow sex work dates back to the mid-19th century. As the West boomed with expansion and growth, the state government sought to attract travelers and settlers alike by allowing what most states outlawed. This included gambling, and gave rise to the beauty of Las Vegas. In fact, one of the brothels operating today in Elko actually opened all the way back in 1902 and has never shut its doors since. There were attempts to reverse this freedom in the 1940s and 1950s, but the industry survived the limitations placed upon it. The current system of regulation and licensing was put in place in 1971 to prevent the brothels from being targeted as nuisances.

County Restrictions

Currently, the state of Nevada allows each county to make its own decisions regarding brothels and sex work. However, only counties with at least 70,000 residents are allowed to host brothels and similar establishments. This helps control aggressive expansion in rural counties where business owners could tip the balance of power in their favor. Even if a county chooses to allow it and issues licenses, individual cities and townships can vote to outlaw the practice or limit it in any way they see fit. This has led to complications in many areas, and only 8 counties currently allow legal pay for sex.

Las Vegas Rules

Las Vegas does not currently fall into an area that allows for the operation of brothels. Many tourists arrive in the city hoping to find some sexy fun because they've heard that escorts are legal to hire in the entire state of Nevada. Clark County, in which Las Vegas is situated, has outlawed all forms of sex for money. The city of Las Vegas can't choose to make it legal since they would be violating the larger statutes of the county. Despite the demand, visitors to the city must head outside its limits to a neighboring county to visit one of the many legal brothels.

Escorts vs Brothels

Of course, the laws don't stop thousands of independent escorts from offering companionship inside the city limits. These girls operate on their own terms, so what you experience with one woman can be radically different from the services of another. In contrast, most legal brothels set the services that all providers offer. Each girl working at a brothel must decide if she's willing to do it all or find a different place to work. It's up to you to choose which type of experience better fits your expectations and needs.

Don't be afraid to do your research before hitting the big city. Knowing what type of escort or brothel your visiting is good, but making appointments before you arrive is even better. All the major events in Las Vegas cause the appointment books to fill up well in advance, so waiting will lead to disappointment.



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