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couples massageTraveling to Las Vegas is the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or the successful completion of marriage counseling. The city is full of fun things for couples to do, from horseback riding to matching massages. More adventurous couples tend to travel to Sin City to explore their more taboo passions, including the desire for a threesome. While many escorts are happy to accommodate couples, others refuse to service more than a single client at a time. There are many good reasons girls find couples difficult to work with, but it's easy to find a replacement that fits your needs too.

Fear of Jealousy

If you're a Las Vegas escort who handles couples, you probably have at least two or three scary stories about clients that changed their minds in the middle of a session. Surprisingly enough, many women say that it's the male partner who is more likely to get uncomfortable when they see how much their wife is enjoying a sexy third person. Jealousy puts a quick end to an otherwise fulfilling date, and often leads the escort to only getting paid part of what she was expecting.

Difficulty Balancing Attention

It's not surprising that even the best escorts in Las Vegas can find it difficult to properly balance her attention between two or more people. No one wants to get left out, but you can only do so much when you're already occupied. It's a lot of pressure for an escort to keep both parties entertained and engaged for an hour or an entire evening. This is especially a problem with couples new to the idea of a threesome, since they often feel uncomfortable jumping in and end up sidelining themselves.

Feeling Uncomfortable With Same Sex Work

Some working girls refuse threesomes in Las Vegas because they just can't get comfortable with providing services to another woman. In these cases, the escort may offer to let the female partner watch as long as she's not participating. However, it's usually better to stick with a professional that doesn't set these kinds of limits so your wife or girlfriend can get in on the action if she changes her mind about just wanting to watch.

How To Find The Right Escort

Now that you know why some women refuse couples, you're better equipped to find an escort that is down for being a third. Start by looking for agencies that specialize in serving couples and groups. These companies can connect you with pre-screened women who don't mind dealing with you both. Aside from agencies, try to search for independent escorts in the city on one of the many popular adult listing websites. Most services feature organized categories so you can rule out all the lovely ladies that won't date couples.

Don't try to disguise the fact that you're a couple in the hopes the escort will just roll with it once she arrives. Most women will turn around and walk away instead of compromising their own boundaries. Also, make it clear if the couple is not your usual heterosexual male and female pair. While many gay men and lesbian couples head to Las Vegas to try something completely different, not all couple-friendly escorts work with pairs falling outside of the usual categories. A little extra information upfront is the best way to prevent frustration and disappointment later.



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