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There's no need to let your lack of experience hold you back from booking a date with your favorite Las Vegas escort. While they may not teach you how to negotiate this kind of social contract in school, you can still learn to handle the process with smoothness and grace. Follow this guide to get the most of your first time.

Arranging the Date

First, you need to make an appointment. Scour the Internet or the back page of a local publication to find a girl that catches your eye. If she's listed through an agency, call them for the details. Keep in mind that the price they quote you is the agency's fee, not the prices set by the escort. Even if you're calling an escort directly because she's working independently, give her a non-explicit outline of what you're looking for and ask if a certain size monetary tip or gift would be fair. This kind of wording protects you, the escort agency, and the Las Vegas escort. Consider a company that handles every part of booking in Las Vegas for you to save time and energy.

Meeting Up

Don't forget to figure out where and when you and your date are meeting up. Most escort booking involves meeting up at a hotel room, but some Las Vegas escorts offer in-call at their own rooms too. Give yourself enough time before your date arrives for a quick shower. If you don't get this done before the girl arrives, she may request that you do it with her and use up a portion of your time with her. Unless you've got a steamy fantasy that requires water, showering first leaves you with the most time free for enjoying each other's company.

Get the gift withdrawn from the ATM and organized neatly into an envelope ahead of time as well. No escort in Las Vegas will start an appointment before receiving her tip, so this is another must-have preparation step.

Going Through The Motions

Not sure what you want to do with your escort now that she's arrived? Let her know and she can take the reins without overwhelming you. Always ask politely and act like a gentleman, unless you and your date negotiate an alternative arrangement. Getting bossy and acting like an asshole is a quick way to ruin your fun and get a cold reception instead of a hot one.

Saying Goodbye

When your appointment is done, don't worry about seeing your date to the door if you're worn out. Give her time to collect her tools, arrange her outfit, and take a quick shower if she likes. Trying to push her out the door quickly is sure to convince her not to agree to a second date. If you're in a hurry and need her out by a specific time, make this clear when she arrives.

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