6 Tips For Managing Your Money As A Las Vegas Stripper

Get real about managing your money as a Las Vegas stripper. Learn six quick tips that will leave you with more cash in your pocket between shifts at the club.

Many men turn to Las Vegas escorts because they can’t think of what to say when trying to meet women on vanilla dating websites. However, you still need to craft a coherent and polite first message when talking to professionals too. Instead of overthinking your email for making the first contact and arranging a date, just keep it simple and avoid these five big mistakes.

When even a bad night nets you hundreds or thousands of dollars, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of buying anything that catches your eye. However, spending your money wisely allows you to set up backup plans, cover illnesses and vacations without going broke, and gives you peace of mind when you’re not hustling at your best. Try these six real-world tips to put a little more aside each day instead of simply working more hours to keep the cash flowing in.

Double the Savings

You’ll hear a lot of talk about saving enough money to cover 6 months of your living expenses, but we recommend a 12-month safety net for strippers. You might need to take 3 months off for a broken ankle, then discover your home club is dead or there’s a wave of inexperienced newcomers making it hard to return to your normal level of earnings. Calculate how much you spend in a month when you’re not buying supplies for work, then stick 20% of every night’s income into a savings account until you’re covered for 12 months.

Consider Declaring Your Income

Most strippers, escorts, and other working girls in Vegas tend to keep their money under the table to avoid taxes and the hassles of filing each year. However, paying a few grand in tax each year could pay off if you ever need proof of your income. From buying a house to financing your own education, there are many situations when you need to pull out tax documents from the last few years to prove you can afford an expense. Working with an accountant that’s familiar with the expenses and deductions related to stripping helps you whittle down the tax bill so you can enjoy the benefits of recorded income without losing so much of it to the government.

Track Your Spending

Did you know those fancy $5 energy bars that you eat twice a day are costing you nearly $4000 a year? Isn’t there something more useful you could spend four grand on? Take the time to write down every dollar that leaves your hand for a few days, then take an honest look at your spending habits. It might only take you two or three changes to your routine to save thousands of dollars per year, leaving you with a lot more cash for emergencies or just fun with friends.

Downgrade Your Lifestyle

It turns out that strippers aren’t the only ones who go from buying t-shirts at thrift stores to high-end jewelry as soon as they can. Most people who receive a sudden boost in income, including stock traders and movie stars, unconsciously upgrade their lifestyle to match their income level. But if you were making it just fine without a custom chandelier and a loft with a $5000 monthly rent bill, why do you really need those things now? Figure out what upgrades really improve your quality of life and leave the showy stuff alone. You don’t have to prove to anyone that you’re a high-class woman just because your money is coming from the strip club.

Don’t Give Loans

Finally, never hand over more than a few 20-dollar bills to someone in need unless you’re in control of their life. Your fellow stripper crying about her bills might be the sweetest girl, but if you bail her out today, you’ll probably be bailing her out again in a week. Unless you live with the person or can otherwise keep an eye on their daily routine until you get the money back, don’t make loans of more than 10% of what you earn during a really slow shift at the club.