Las Vegas Massage Girls

  • Alma
    Learn about Alma, an exhibitionist who can deliver an erotic massage unlike anything you’ve ever experienced while you’re in Vegas.
  • Anna
    When you want a young girl massage, call Anna while you’re in Vegas so that you can discover the fun and excitement she has to offer.
  • Autumn
    Autumn is ready to show you how exciting a massage can be. Call her today to set up an appointment for a sexy private massage you’ll remember forever.
  • Avery
    Of all the massage girls in Las Vegas, Avery is one of the youngest, though she is quite skilled. Explore more about her now.
  • Cho
    Call on Cho to show you what Nuru massage is all about. This Las Vegas massage artist is ready for hire and ready to please you with fun and fantasy.
  • Coco
    You can meet Coco, one of the Latin American girls with amazing curves when you want a massage during your Las Vegas visit.
  • Emily
    Emily is one of the massage girls in Las Vegas that you can meet to ensure you get a sensual, unforgettable massage.
  • Hannah
    Meet the girl from the massage girl classifieds as the one and only Hannah who can deliver a sensual massage you’ll never forget.
  • Ingrid
    Forget Las Vegas massage parlors. Get a more intimate massage by learning about the many talents of Scandinavian beauty, Ingrid.
  • Isla
    Isla is one of the hot massage girls that you can meet while in Vegas to ensure that you get the one-on-one attention that you deserve.
  • Jessica
    Jessica is one of the massage call girls you can meet in Vegas who will show you a good time and offer you sinfully delightful memories.
  • Joy
    Batter than Asian massage parlors Las Vegas, enjoy a private massage from the sexy Joy who knows how to relieve tension in incredible ways.
  • Juno
    Let Juno handle all your massage needs when you are in Las Vegas. Call her today to set up a date and time for a sensual massage you’ll really enjoy.
  • Justine
    Massage parlor girls are boring. Learn about Justine, a Las Vegas massage girl who can make all of your dreams come true.
  • Leila
    Let lovely Leila show you how fun a massage can really be. Book an appointment with her today to enjoy a sensual experience you’ll remember forever.
  • Li
    Are you looking for a new way to relax? Let Li show you how easy it is to enjoy company with a Las Vegas masseuse in your hotel room or home tonight!
  • Luciana
    When you want a massage with the prettiest girls, you’re definitely going to want to meet Luciana, a sexy young girl with many hidden talents.
  • Mariana
    Mariana is known for the hot girl massage that she can offer privately, and you can experience the bliss when you book in Las Vegas.
  • Mimi
    Massage call girls downtown have nothing on Mimi. This busty, skinny young Asian girl massages with the best of them.
  • Mineko
    Meet Mineko for an Asian girl massage that you’ll never forget. Find out why she’s one of the massage girls in Las Vegas highly sought after.
  • Mirella
    Mirella is ready to give you a massage in the comfort of your hotel room or home. Call for availability and see why she has that sensual magic touch.
  • Olivia
    Call Olivia now to set up an appointment for an in-room massage. She has the touch you desire and will make your stress and pain disappear instantly.
  • Sakura
    When you want a hot massage girl who can also feed into your fetishes, you can have fun with Sakura, who will make your fantasies come to life.
  • Sookie
    Don’t bother with the massage girls downtown. Sookie is one of the Las Vegas Asian massage girls who will visit you in your hotel room.
  • Su
    Su is a Las Vegas massage expert ready to show you how relaxing a session can be. Call her today to set up an appointment for a date full of fun!
  • Sylvia
    Sylvia gives some of the best massages in the Las Vegas area. Call her today to set up a personal appointment for relaxation and fun in your room.
  • Tawny
    Meet Tawny, a fiery redhead and one of the Las Vegas massage girls who love to provide more than your average massage.
  • Tory
    Tory is a take-action woman who will make your fantasies come alive. Enjoy her personalized massage session and bask in relaxation and peacefulness.
  • Yumi
    Yumi is one of our hot massage girls who hail all the way from Asia just so that they can provide you with an unforgettable experience in Vegas.
  • Zakeria
    Zakeria is a sexy black girl who loves to offer massages. She will show how truly a massage can be erotic while you visit Vegas.

About Us

At Las Vegas Massage Girls, we want to ensure to welcome you to Sin City in style. With so much to see and do, your muscles may be aching – and our Las Vegas massage girls are here to take good care of you. It’s a chance to ensure that all of your tension is released. There’s no happy ending to the end of the day quite like Las Vegas massage girls who are fully nude.

Forget about Las Vegas massage parlors with the prettiest girls. We have the hottest girls – and you don’t have to visit a spa or massage parlor for your experience.

It’s hard to truly get a happy ending when a massage therapist claps and tells you that your time is up. What happened to getting what you REALLY want? Let’s face it, a nude girl massage is what you want, and we’re here to provide you with the ultimate experience.

The massages happen in the comfort of your hotel room. And when it’s all over, you can curl up in bed – and even invite the girl to cuddle up with you. Our outcall girl massage 24/7, so it’s all about providing the convenience when and where you want it to happen.

Massage Menu

Everyone has a different list of “needs” when it comes to a massage. It’s why we allow you to customize the massage to fit your needs and wants, whether you want Asian massage girls to provide you with a service or you want a black girl for happy ending massage, we have the means to help you.

There are all sorts of incredible massages for you to explore…

Esalen: Embrace an inward journey as a massage girl uses a slow pace, long strokes, and more to help you achieve balance.

Thai: This massage includes traditional therapy, acupressure, as well as assisted yoga postures to help release tension from your muscles.

Tantra: Enjoy an erotic massage that helps to unleash the sexual energy that is inside of your body.

Dark Tantra: A darker version of a tantra massage, which can include blindfolds, bondage, and light BDSM.

NURU: A full-body massage with special, slick oil allows a nude girl to massage you using her entire body.

Foot massage: Allow a girl to massage you and rub you down with oil using her feet.

Las Vegas Massage Girls

Once you select your massage, it’s time to select the massage girls who will be providing you with your massage. You don’t have to simply accept any girl who is available at the parlor. We place the selection in your hands – and it’s a chance to have an erotic massage by a black girl, embrace the excitement of a Japanese massage girl, as well stunning girls from all over the world.

We want you to have an unforgettable experience – which is why we have massage girls who have a wide array of talents.

It doesn’t have to start or end with a massage. You may ask, is outcall girl massage legal? Absolutely. In fact, we offer full outcall escort services, too. It’s a chance for you to explore all that Vegas has to offer, whether you want to learn how to talk dirty to a woman or you want to visit an exhibitionist club. If you visit our Las Vegas escort blog, you can learn about all of the different services that are available.

Once your massage is completed and the girl is off the clock, there’s no telling what can happen if the two of you hit it off. Since you get to choose the girl, the possibilities are endless!

Getting the Most Out of Your Las Vegas Visit

You may only get to visit Vegas once, so it’s important that you plan accordingly. It can be exhausting regardless of whether you’re here for business or pleasure.

You’ll walk around the city, interact with lots of people, and even take in a few shows. After a long day, you need to relax – and our massage girls can help you. An erotic massage can be intoxicating and wake you right up so that you are no longer exhausted.

As soon as she starts to undress, you’ll forget all about being tired. And as she rubs you down with oil using only her nakedness, stroking you, pulling at your muscles, you’ll find that all of the tension you’ve been holding onto is released.

You deserve to experience the very best in Vegas, and that’s what we are here for.

Don’t bother with the massage parlors where you’ll be limited to an hour of service. Allow our girls to provide you with an array of massages. Once one or two of the girls have worked you over, it’s possible to enjoy dinner out on the town or stay in where she’ll keep you company with some of the other services she has to offer.

Our girls are some of the hottest you’ll ever meet. Do yourself a favor and book an outcall massage with us today.

A Sensual Couples Massage Can Mean Many Things

We know you probably have some ideas about couples massages and what they may entail. But to us, a nude couples massage can be an enlivening sensual experience for almost any couple of any type. We consider everything that might be required for the optimal experience and work to ensure that you have the exact massage you both want. We combine your feedback with our experience to create a wonderful memorable adventure you won’t soon forget.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for what you both really want. We’re here to make your massage dreams come true. We want you to know that you come first and will do our best to deliver whatever it is you desire.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.